RELATIVES // Statement

These images, in part, are depicted after the unavoidable blurring effects of time on my perception. They are also a manipulation of characteristics I acknowledge in objects. These being that they hold an understood context and, likewise, have understood relationships with other objects. I am interested in displaying the above qualities of time and objects through the objectification of personal memories.

As these memories age, they become disconnected from any real time or space, lending themselves to the subjective nature of reconstruction.

The resulting photographs are loosely connected to the time and space that they originally existed in. What is literally captured is a structure. These structures both question and retain the commonly understood contexts for the objects within them in order to create a new, personal narrative.

Through this process, the resulting images represent both an ambiguous scene and a representation of a memory obscured by time. Given the looseness through which the memories are objectified, the subjects allow themselves to be reinterpreted and re-appropriated through the subjective context of the viewer's own memories.

This is an ongoing body of work.